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Let us help you find the perfect Oak Island Vacation for your furry friends.

We know pets are members of your family and scheduling a vacation where they can’t be in the same house can be stressful. It’s our first priority to take care of every family that stays with us and that includes making sure you can relax, knowing that your furbabies are relaxed as well. This is why we’ve compiled some of the best boarding facilities in the area for you to choose from.

While we’d love to welcome them into SeaSons, many of our guests have severe allergies to pet dander and it wouldn’t be fair to their experience to expose them while they are staying with us. Trust us, we’ve tried deep cleaning, special air handling systems, and pet size/type restrictions at other properties, and we’ve come to see that there’s just no way around some allergies.

We hope you understand that we need to make the safety of our human guests a priority. If the options below don’t meet your needs, let your guest services agent know and we’ll give you the inside scoop on our favorite private pet sitters. Thanks for your understanding!

  • Coastal Critter Sitters
  • Tabby & Hound Pet Care


All types of live animals are strictly prohibited. If pets (or evidence of pets) are discovered in a property or on the premises, there will be a $1,000.00 pet damage rent charge to the tenant as well as immediate mandatory removal of the pet from the property. Noncompliance with these conditions could result in the implementation of the expedited eviction procedures pursuant to NCGS 42A-24. [See section I, paragraph (25)]. The tenant will also be liable for any damages to the property or lost rent.

Cancellation is never “the plan”, but we know our policy is part of your consideration process.
Because we appreciate your investement, we’ve crafted a refund policy
that we feel is respectful of life and your confidence in the vacation we’re offering.
That being said, we highly (louder for those in the back)
h i g h l y reccomend trip insurance.
Visit our Trip Insurance post for guidance and options to protect your investment.

Time Before Reservation Amount Refunded
>1 Year
6-12 Months
3-6 Months
<3 Months

Life (and hurricanes) happen. We want you to be prepared. We strongly encourage all our guests to explore their trip insurance options. We know it seems like a daunting task to find a provider, process a separate transaction, that you might not ever use, but this is an investment worth protecting. We’ve attempted to streamline the process for you to maximize your peace of mind. Even if it’s not hurricane season, medical issues, access restrictions, (we don’t talk about COVID), and other unexpected circumstances can arise without notice. Our first priority is to get you and your group in SeaSons at the Point for an exceptional vacation. When that isn’t possible, we want you to be covered. Here are some options worth exploring:

Looking for more information on how to choose? Check out this Forbes article on How to Buy Travel Insurance For Hurricane-Prone Vacation Spots.

We know you read every word of the contract, but just to make sure, here’s the full insurance policy again:

M. TRAVEL PROTECTION INSURANCE – Independent travel insurance, is highly recommended. It is important to note, per the Vacation Rental Act, NCGS 42A-36, SeaSons does not refund or reimburse for trip cancellations and/or interruptions and offers this insurance to the tenant. The decision to purchase travel insurance is voluntary and left to tenant’s discretion. Tenants must specifically acknowledge this policy at the time of reservation. SeaSons makes no recommendations, representations or warranties about the scope or suitability of coverage under any travel insurance policy and coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of such policy. Any claims for coverage under a travel insurance policy must be made through the claims policy process outlined in the travel insurance policy itself. SeaSons is not involved in the processing or administration of claims or benefits. Please refer to your travel insurance policy or contact the underwriter for coverage details.